After servicing thousands of customers in the last decade, we have answered common questions asked by our customers regarding our sliding door repair service.

On average, repairs cost anywhere from about $150 to $350, depending on the problem. If the problem is something simple – perhaps the track is bent or the wheels need to be aligned – budget on the low end of that range.

Most of the time, the problem stems from dirty and dried up rollers. To fix this, remove your door from the tracks, clean out the rollers and spray them with a lubricant, such as WD-40. If after doing this your door still sticks, the real problem may be that the rollers are damaged or broken.

Yes we do with all our sliding door repairs. We offer a 3 years warranty as well.

We carry Eftpos and accept MasterCard and Visa with all parts and labor guaranteed for 3 years.

Just like a train runs on a track so does your sliding door. Over time sliding door tracks wear and become damaged, resulting in the premature degradation of rollers causing a noisy sliding door. Our local mobile technician can install a stainless steel track cover that is cut to length on site and placed over the original worn and damaged track.

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